4ways introduces our newest CTC Clinical Lead, Dr Horace D’Costa Craig Quilter December 19, 2023

Meet our new CTC Clinical Lead,
Dr. Horace D'Costa

Horace D'Costa

4ways Healthcare, the leading exclusively UK based telediagnostics platform, is pleased to welcome our newest CTC Clinical Lead, Dr Horace D’Costa.

Horace originally trained as a General Surgeon with a particular interest in GI and Breast surgery. Rather than complete his PHD he was encouraged by respected peers to complete an FRCR in imaging. Training in the South West Horace progressed to a Senior Registrar at Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital. This enabled him to maintain his interests in his former preferred specialities but now from an imaging perspective.

Later in his career, Horace was invited to apply to a position at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. There he worked as a Consultant Radiologist at the JR and Horton Hospitals. However, within 6 months of appointment, he became Clinical Lead for the Horton Hospitals Clinical Services Unit (CSU). Horace became an early adopter in the field of CTC, establishing himself as an expert in the area. He was then asked to become a Quality Assurance Lead for the Bowl Cancer Screening Programme in the UK. Horace was additionally appointed by Public Health England to be a Clinical Advisor in the South and complete quality assurance visits to hospitals trusts across the region. This gave Horace experience of advising of best practices and witnessing interesting techniques across multiple trusts.

Horace became part of the 4ways family in 2012, and has been reporting for us for over 11 years. Additionally, he has played a crucial role in our Audit team over the past 5 years. As he transitions into his retirement Horace continues to report for 4ways and now takes on a new role as CTC Clinical Lead. Horace has already got stuck into his role, presenting at our QA Meeting in October to our reporting Radiologist panel.

In conversation, Horace notes the switch over from his previous roles to the CTC Clinical lead has been easy, seeing many similarities between the two. He’s “passionate about helping 4ways to continue to deliver and further enhance the quality of reports we provide to Trusts. By taking part in our audit function, Horace has been impressed by the high standard of reports produced by our reporting radiologist community.

Having extensive experience in the NHS and helping radiology departments to develop, Horace understands the importance working in partnership with Trusts. He particularly praises the value in feedback, which as a Clinical Lead he will be able to collate and distribute to our panel of Radiologists.

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