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Reporting for 4ways

Join our growing and thriving community of over 400 UK based Consultant Radiologists.
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Flexible model to enhance Radiologists work-life balance
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Market-leading rates of pay for reporting Consultant Radiologists
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Constant workloads and reporting opportunities available
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Radiologist centred, single login and efficient workflow
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Market-leading clinical excellence and ongoing reporting feedback
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Report across several specialist areas and services with your own expertise

Market-leading offering

At 4ways, our dedicated Consultant Radiologists receive the best reporting offering on the market.

We provide industry leading tariffs combined with simple state-of-the art technology and a dedicated support team to enable our Radiologists community to work in a way that suits them.

We support our Radiologists

Find support from our dedicated and friendly Radiology Management Team.

  • A simple but comprehensive onboarding process
  • 19+ years experience in supporting UK Consultant Radiologists to safely report at home teleradiology
  • World leading diagnostic screens, voice recognition software and AI support tools
  • 24/7 UK Operations and IT support when you need it
How much work you do for us is entirely up to you and the amount of reporting you are able to safely complete. This gives you greater control over weighing up your weekly schedule with how much you want to earn.

Typically, our radiologists add between £5,000 to £50,000 to their monthly income, depending on how much work you complete.
4ways works with over 80 NHS Trusts and some private providers, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to report on a variety of scans. This means you could differentiate from the type of scans you report for your Trust as some of our Radiologists do to sustain their reporting ability across a range of disciplines. We are seeing a greater demand for our services, which provides fantastic earning opportunities for our reporters.
We’ve streamlined our workflows for radiologists which means you only ever need to work with one system unlike many of the major teleradiology companies. Reporting is easy as our Operations Team does all the leg work to provide you with the correct images. Your time isn’t spent on administration, allowing you to optimise the number reports you are able to complete in the time you have.

Engage with clinical excellence

Our Consultant Radiologist network are backed by leading clinical quality.

  • Join a community of eminent UK consultant radiologists, often leaders in their fields
  • A dedicated clinical governance team
  • Internal audit of your work to support your professional development
  • Ongoing feedback to guide your progression
  • Access to learning opportunities with CPD accredited resources

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Get in touch

Please fill in your details and a member of the team will be in contact shortly.

Please note, we are only able to receive applications for Consultant Radiologists looking to report from the UK.


You will need to have your own private indemnity insurance, as reporting for 4ways is classed as a private practice. Whilst we do not have a preferred provider, many of our reporters use MDU (Medical Defence Union), MPS (Medical Protection Society) or MDDUS (The Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland). 

This is entirely your call, you can either work as a self employed contractor or set up a limited company. We do not have a preference. You can either set up a limited company or work in your own name. Amongst Radiologists who already work with us, over 50% have a limited company so it is generally the preferred option, but it is completely down to personal preference. You can register on Company’s house, use HMRC or you can buy an off the shelf model from numerous companies who organise everything for you for a small fee. We encourage you to seek independent advice on this.

The 4ways model enables you to scale up and down depending on your commitments. We’ve taken on Radiologists who work full time for their Trust but committed to just a few hours a week to top up their income. All of our radiologists have unique requirements that their reporting is enabled to work around. You can be as flexible as you need to be once you start reporting. Just because you’ve reported more in one week doesn’t mean you’ll need to match it the next week. Teleradiology can be used a tool to enhance your earnings in the time you have. Once your set up, reporting from your own home maximises the time you do have, without having to report from a hub. 

If you did want to report from elsewhere, you could report on occasion from our Head Office in Hemel Hempstead, if you want a change of scenery and if convenient.

We don’t specify any minimum number of hours/cases to be reported on a weekly basis. All we ask is that you are reporting on an ongoing basis, as long as it’s worthwhile for yourself it’s fine by us. We appreciate some weeks may be busier than others, so can scale up/down your allocation at short notice as required. 

No, we will ensure there is never a conflict of interest with your own NHS Trust as you will never be allocated their cases.

We report for over 80 NHS Trusts and some private providers, so there are plenty of alternative reporting opportunities.

We require all of our radiologists to be based in the UK and cannot allow any reporting to be done overseas.

4Ways organises three Clinical Learning Meetings per year, these events are usually held at a local hotel in the Hemel Hempstead/Watford area. 

Radiologists are encouraged to attend in person, however if that isn’t possible you are also able to join the session via Webinar. 

3 CPD points are awarded following attendance of these meetings. 

4Ways has a dedicated Quality & Audit team who manage our routine Audits that go on in the background which commence from the day you start with us. 

We audit up to10% of all Cross-sectional work & up to 2% of Plain Film. The audits are picked up randomly and are sent to our separate panel of auditors anonymously.    

This audit data is then made available to you should you wish to include it in your annual Trust appraisal. 

There’s no need for you to take out additional home/content’s insurance for the 4Ways workstation as it’s covered under 4Ways insurance. 

A minimum download speed of 20MBPS is recommended– we don’t need to set up a separate line, we simply use the internet you currently have. It would need to be a wired connection from the router to the workstation. 

The 4Ways model is based on flexible remote reporting from home. We set-up a complete diagnostic workstation at your home which you have access to 24/7, this gives complete flexibility to report as and when you have free time.  We do have reporting hub in our HQ. Please contact our Radiology Management team to book.