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Independent Healthcare Providers

FastTrack Reporting Services

We understand you may need a quicker turnaround for our reporting services; we offer a flexible, no volume commitment service which can be tailored to suit your own needs.

Our fast same day reporting service can be within 1 hour, 4 hour or up to 24 hours to assist you to ensure your patients commence their patient journey sooner.

Third Party Clinical Audit Service

Our bespoke, market-leading audit software can help assure you and your external referrers of your clinical practice and can support the best possible patient outcomes. Third Party Audit can provide independent evidence for use in future accreditations. You can also use our audit service to inform your internal governance processes.

4ways works with leading experts in a wide range of specialisms and super specialisms allowing you to easily broaden your reporting capability.

4ways has a light touch technology solution that allows you to easily send images to us and for us to send reports back to you. We work with leading providers such as Visbion and Microsoft to make your lives easier.

4ways is able to provide a breadth of services at scale. This enables us to pass on a reduction in cost for Private Providers. Working with 4ways means you are able to achieve better margins on the services you supply to your patients.

Well Person

Supporting your patients at every stage of their life cycle for peace of mind or to contribute to treatment decisions.

Helping to provide clarity over family history, menopausal changes and wellness

  • Providing specialist reporting services for mammography, Breast MRI, Gynaecology, MRI Prostate, CT Colonography, MRI Small Bowel and DEXA
  • First and/or second reads
  • Audit and arbitration

Providing flexible volumes to retain your current Consultant Radiologist relationships.

We will work in partnership with you with no minimum requirement for reporting volumes. We utilise a pool of over 300 GMC Consultant Radiologists to deliver quick and reliable reporting. This will enable you to preserve the relationships you already have with your own consulting radiologists, with the knowledge that we are here for you when you need us.

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