Third Party Audit Daniel June 16, 2022

Third Party Audit

4ways can offer your organisation a robust and independent audit service at a rate that suits your particular requirements.

4ways’ range of auditing services helps you track your department’s performance and provides invaluable learning and improvement opportunities for your radiologists or reporting radiographers. It can also provide you with external data to support your own external governance audits for CQC and other bodies.

Audit is an essential part of learning and improvement in measuring and monitoring your department’s performance, sharing best practice and identifying areas of focus for shared learning.

4ways’ audit services can be used to help NHS organisations with their workforce planning including supporting radiographer training and undergraduate support.

Our bespoke audit infrastructure can help improve your clinical practice and patient outcomes or provide independent evidence for use in future accreditations.



4ways audit provides a flexible service which can be based on:

  • Speciality Areas
  • Modality
  • Reporter Radiologist Radiographer
  • Image Quality
  • Arbitration
Plain Film
PET-CT & Nuclear Medicine
Breast MRI

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Audit underpins everything we do here at 4ways. Through our own clinical audit programme, we have built one of the largest audit databases in the UK. 

Why not leverage over 15 years worth of audit experience to provide an independent, robust system to inform you to manage and improve your department’s performance.

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