National Apprenticeship Week: 4ways first apprentice Gabrielle Ceranto Silva February 7, 2024

National Apprenticeship Week:
Meet 4ways first apprentice

National Apprenticeship Week: 4ways first apprentice

An award winner within her first year as an apprentice at 4ways, where do we go from here? 

As a key partner to the NHS, 4ways are committed to ensuring our Social Values is at the heart of what we do, with a range of initiatives including investing in the local community within Hemel Hempstead to offer rewarding and valuable careers opportunities.   

In 2022, 4ways began working with the Hertfordshire Opportunities Partnership and Gingernut to deliver apprenticeship schemes. As our commitment in supporting the local community, it was important for our business to ensure the apprenticeship roles we offer are an attainable opportunity for applicants of all backgrounds. After receiving over 50 applications, in February 2023, we welcomed our first apprentice, Brooke Powell, into our Marketing Team. 

After completing a Level 3 Animal Care Qualification, Brooke began working as a barista. During her time as a barista, Brooke was exposed to social media management, content creation as well event planning. This exposure sparked Brooke’s interest for pursuing a career in Marketing. 

When looking for her next career move, it was important for Brooke to work in an industry where she was making a difference to the wider community. 4ways has supported the NHS for over 16 years with quality teleradiology reporting whilst ensuring medical talent is retained in the UK. 

Since joining 4ways Brooke has been supporting the Marketing team with content creation, copywriting, proof reading, social media management, event planning, internal culture, market research, analytics, campaign executions and most recently working alongside Marketing Manager, Craig Quilter, to manage our radiologist marketing activities, which involves regular collaboration with our Radiologist Management Team.  

The cliché of ‘two days are never the same’ presented itself as Brooke described what a day in the life of a marketing apprentice consisted of: “The perks of working as part of a smaller team means I am exposed to all aspects of the marketing spectrum and given the opportunity to work on lots of different projects, getting to put what I learn into practise”. 

It can be quite a daunting task learning a craft whilst also entering an industry that is so niche, but Brooke took it in her stride.  When asked about her first year and skills she has built for life, Brooke spoke about the importance of working as part of a supportive team with open communication, in both ways, has had on her personal development: ‘I have really enjoyed my first year, I have learnt a lot about myself and how I work, I have built up my confident and I believe in my work capabilities much more’.  

Working to support events, Brooke’s innovative ideas helped raise over £700 for charity throughout 2023. However, raising money for charity wasn’t her only success as she explains: ‘My highlight of the year was planning our 2023 End of Year Party, even though planning began unforgivingly early in the year, it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and mingling.’ 

It turned out that the highlight of Brooke’s year was also where she was crowned our 2023 Innovation awards winner as voted by our employees. 

Brooke has set a high bar for future apprentices in our work force and as she is now gearing towards her final project and exams, we all wish her the best luck as we will support her each step of the way! 

4ways will continue to support educational attainment by establishing apprenticeships in HR, Finance and Operations with the aim that by 2025, 6% of our workforce will consist of apprentices.  

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