4ways Launches Apprenticeship Scheme Craig Quilter February 10, 2023

4ways Launches Apprenticeship Scheme

Apprenticeship Scheme

4ways Healthcare are proud to announce the launch of our first apprenticeship scheme.

Over the next year, 4ways Healthcare will offer several apprenticeship opportunities in our Marketing, Customer Service, and IT departments.

4ways are working closely with apprenticeship training provider Ginger Nut Training to deliver an exciting, rewarding, and tailored learning experience, with the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification, whilst obtaining practical skills in the workplace. All apprentices will be a supported by a dedicated and friendly team in order to assist them on their journey.

4ways were pleased to partner with Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal (HOP) to review how the initiative could benefit the local community.
4ways has been greatly helped by HOP and Hertfordshire Local Enterprise as we make a commitment to provide a stepping stone for young people to get into work within the local community.

Furthermore, 4ways have strengthened its relationship to the local community by providing opportunities for real workplace interactions for students and has attended careers fairs and school’s sessions across the region.

Our renewed focus comes as we continue ahead with our commitment to ensure Social Value is at the heart of everything we do. 4ways has directed our efforts on a range of initiatives including Environmental protection and Carbon reduction, opportunities for the local community, supporting equality and diversity. As a result, 4ways is investing in our presence within Hemel Hempstead to offer rewarding and valuable careers and opportunities. 

To find out about our other apprenticeship and job opportunities, please go to our careers page.