Mammography Clinical Lead

Professor Cunningham has been a Consultant Radiologist at St Mary’s Hospital for 30 years and during that time her major subspecialty area has been Breast Imaging. Prof Cunningham helped set up one of the first One Stop Breast Clinics and has provided the imaging for these busy clinics ever since. Prof Cunningham is now the Lead Clinician for Women’s Cancer at Imperial which includes all of the breast service both symptomatic and screening, including the West of London Breast Screening Service.

As Lead Clinician Prof Cunningham is involved in monitoring the standards of service and individual performance of Radiologists and Surgeons and she is committed to improving both the process that women experience and the quality of clinical outcomes. Prof Cunningham has also increased the research profile of the unit evaluating novel ultrasound and mammographic techniques. Despite her managerial responsibilities her prime commitment has always been to clinical work and the diagnosing and treating patients.