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To help you get the most out of STATdx we have created links to some of the most helpful tutorials and content. If you have any questions about STATdx get in touch at

STATdx Tutorials

Click the links below to be directed to the online tutorials. You will need to have Flash installed on your browser for these tutorials to work. (Internet Explorer usually works well).

Viewing a Diagnosis in Statdx

How to Locate Differential Diagnosis by Search

How to view a procedure document

How to Locate References in STATdx

How to Use Bookmarks and Pin Categories

How to Locate Differential Diagnosis by Category

Enhancing your reporting experience

At 4ways we are continually looking at ways in which we can improve the quality of our services and the support package we offer our radiologists. STATdx is an important step in that process which is why we have made the tool available to all members of the 4ways radiology panel. If you report for 4ways but haven’t received access to STATdx, contact the radiology team to get started.

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“This is an outstanding initiative from 4Ways and I can only congratulate the team for their forward thinking in making this available – this will allow integrated learning using STATdx on the job and improvements in quality.

A 4ways Reporting Radiologist

East of England Region

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