4ways can offer remote diagnostic imaging in nuclear medicine.


technical and clinical advances

4ways has been providing nuclear medicine reporting services since 2008.


But, the introduction of hybrid imaging – PET-CT and SPECT-CT – into the clinical domain has resulted in unprecedented growth and revolutionised the imaging world.

hybrid imaging guidance

With the additional complexities of the introduction of new tracers, new applications for PET-CT, the expansion of SPECT-CT and the introduction of new hybrid imaging combinations such as PET-MRI, the increased use of hybrid imaging in clinical pathways seems set to continue to increase. This poses considerable challenges in developing and maintaining a workforce with the competences required for hybrid study interpretation, particularly when 23% of UK radionuclide radiologists are expected to retire by 2019.(1)


References 1. The Royal College of Radiologists and The Royal College of Physicians. Evidence-based indications for the use of PET-CT in the United Kingdom 2016. London: The Royal College of Radiologists, 2016.

specialist technology

These technical and clinical advances have prompted 4ways to expand our nuclear medicine reporting platform and we are now pleased to be able to include SPECT-CT and PET-CT reporting services within our nuclear medicine team.


Using Mirada XD™ software to support our nuclear medicine (NM) reporting, 4ways is now at the forefront of remote nuclear medicine reporting capacity.


Advanced hyrbid nuclear medicine remote reporting could help meet shortfall as featured in RAD magazine‘s rad review of nuclear medicine issue. Click here to read the full piece.

"We decided to use 4ways Healthcare for a number of key reasons. The first reason was the fact that they could actually provide Nuclear Medicine reporting that had a turnaround time equivalent to the CT and MRI service. Their professional and swift engagement with us during and urgent reports we require is commendable and smoothly handled. The general performance of 4ways in the Nuclear Medicine field has been to a good level and they are able to flex their capacity at short notice to match our needs."

Darren Hobbs, General Manager for Radiology & Cardiology - Princess Alexandra Hospital

nuclear medicine reporting service

This development will ensure that 4ways can provide a comprehensive nuclear medicine reporting service to support both regular and ad-hoc requirements that may create a shortfall in reporting capacity.


The purpose of the report in hybrid imaging is to provide a specialist, integrated interpretation of both the PET or SPECT and the CT or MR components of the study. Individuals reporting these studies need to be trained and competent in both functional and anatomical imaging.


Our service can also be used for double reporting complex scans and provide external auditing and training requirements.

our reporting radiologists

We work in partnership with the ARSAC licence holder and include a 10% audit provision for all reporting undertaken. All our reporting radiologists are trained and based in the UK and hold substantive nuclear medicine physician, radionuclide or nuclear cardiology consultant posts.


Our clinical lead for who is advancing this service is Dr Charlotte Fowler.

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