image transfer

DICOM study data is transferred from client sites to 4ways Hub via secure encrypted virtual private network connections over the N3 network. 4ways utilises best in class compression software ensuring the fastest image transfer currently available. Data is secured throughout the entire workflow, meeting IGSoC and ISO27001:2013 standards.

IT support

4ways provides 24/7/365 IT support free of charge. Our support teams provide immediate response working to resolve hardware and software issues as quickly as possible. 4ways is able to provide next working day hardware replacement if required.

flexible solution

We provide full HL7 connectivity. Alternatively, a hardware based radiology reporting solution or a software only solution are available. Our clients can choose whether to “push” images to 4ways or for 4ways to automatically query retrieve study data without client involvement, minimising administrative overheads.

UK reporting solution

4ways remote radiology reporting solution is entirely UK based. All reporting is undertaken within the UK. Patient data never leaves the N3 network. This provides our customers with assurance of optimal data security.

clinical information

Access to a patient’s entire medical imaging history ensures diagnosis is as accurate as possible. 4ways remote reporting model allows automated retrieval of both previous imaging and prior reports, minimising client administration.

zero cost deployment

Connectivity, maintenance and support is provided at zero cost. There is no fee to establish a connection to our network, no requirement to purchase hardware or software, no support charge and no obligation to utilise our service at a minimum set level.

"They are very helpful in an informal kind of way. We can call them for a ‘favour’, to help us with an IT issue or something like that and they will. Making it more formal to be more efficient can only help."

Andy Dunn, Director - InHealth

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