For a variety of reasons most countries seek visible systems for ongoing licensing and accreditation performance by establishing clinical audit.


what we can audit for you

our reporting specialities

We can offer audit reporting services across a range of modalities.

These include:

#1 MR

#2 CT

#3 PET

#4 X-ray

#5 CT colonography

#6 Nuclear medicine

#7 Neuroradiology

#8 MSK

#9 Cardiology

#10 Breast MRI

#11 Mammography

#12 Complex abdo-pelvic imaging

#13 Non-obstetric ultrasound

5 point discrepancy scale

category criteria



our audit data set

experienced radiologists

We have been providing clinical audit services at 4ways since 2005. 4ways has the largest clinical audit data set in the UK, with over 180,000 studies audited.

Our accreditations show our commitment to achieving quality radiology reporting. 4ways was the first teleradiology provider to achieve Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme standard. We are regulated by The Care Quality Commission for diagnostic and screening services.

Our auditing Consultant Radiologists trained in the UK National Health Service and work at a tertiary level. All our auditors are Fellows of the Royal College of Radiologists.


"They've got an audit process in place and we get  the information. If we've got any complaints they follow them up and take them seriously."

Jayne Burkitt, Radiology Services Manager -
Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

clinical audit service

how we do it

We can provide this as often as you wish and can audit by modality or by radiologist, or we can audit a whole department.

The nominated auditor reviews the acquired images for each exam, along with the completed reports and referral information and makes a judgement using the standard of audit as endorsed by the UK Department of Health category criteria to give an overall value between 1 and 5, as shown above. It ensures consistency between different auditors and their interpretation of the significance of findings.

The completed audit spreadsheet is returned to the QA department for subsequent analysis and action as appropriate.

We provide a monthly audit report detailing the number of reports audited by modality and individual radiologist. The total number of audited reports to date, report categorisation and the actions taken based on the audit results.

quality audit

clinical governance

“Emphasis has recently been placed on external audits, in which the auditors are external to the institution to be audited and thus totally independent of this institution [3]. The value of external audits lies mainly in providing the audit with more universal and broader perspectives, removing the possible inability of internal auditors to recognize, in their own environment, the weaknesses and limitations which may involve long-standing or routine practices. The external auditors may be able to better judge the consistency of procedures from one health care service to another and from one user to another.”

Comprehensive Clinical Audits of Diagnostic Radiology Practices: A Tool for Quality Improvement Quality Assurance Audit for Diagnostic Radiology Improvement and Learning (QUAADRIL)

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