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Press Release: 4ways Delivers AI-ready IBM Watson Merge PACS 8.0 Upgrade

4ways announced today that it has has successfully completed its upgrade to IBM Watson Health’s Merge PACS™ 8.0 platform.

Hemel Hempstead, Bucks., Dec 10 2020 – 4ways, a leading UK and European private teleradiology company, that enables UK-based radiologists to work remotely over a leading technology platform, announced today that it has successfully completed its upgrade to IBM Watson Health’s Merge PACS™ 8.0 platform. 4ways is in the process of rolling this new PACS system out across its client portfolio and its radiologist network.

Merge PACS is a workflow platform that is designed to help simplify physicians’ reading activities and can empower IT leaders with advanced control over the flow of studies throughout the enterprise. Merge PACS 8.0 introduces new automation features and provides a seamless reporting system for 4ways’ teleradiologists with improved turnaround times and increased service robustness for clients. With IBM Watson Health technology 4ways has increased processing efficiency, reducing the number of keystrokes to perform actions.

4ways has worked with Merge PACS since its inception and welcomed IBM Watson Health’s entry into this market, which has brought significant expertise and cutting-edge AI technology to the platform. This investment will simultaneously support 4ways’ teleradiology partners and internal IT support team while providing a much more technically scalable solution that will help improve service delivery to its clients and position 4ways for future growth. 

Following the upgrade, Ajay Chadha, 4ways CEO, said: “We’re pleased to have implemented best in class technology that will deliver even greater value for our clients and teleradiology partners. The successful upgrade to IBM Watson Health’s Merge PACS 8.0 platform underlines the importance we place on offering the very best IT solutions. The investment is another way that we are distinguishing ourselves as a market leader in teleradiology reporting and a very important step towards continuous upscaling and embracing of AI as it develops globally.”

Alok Gupta, General Manager, IBM Watson Health Imaging said, “This upgrade cements fifteen years of collaboration and makes 4ways one of our first UK and European partners to benefit from our innovative solution. We are delighted to bring forward technologies that enable clinicians to more effectively respond to pressing health challenges.”

IBM recently published a case study on its work with 4ways which can be seen here:

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