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IT update

Following the recent cyber-attacks, 4ways remains unaffected and continues to deliver services to clients as we did across the weekend.

We wanted to also take the opportunity to advise of the actions taken by 4ways in the light of the global ransomware attacks and national attack to the NHS that was identified on Friday 12th May 2017.

4ways immediately took the precautionary measure to shut down our entire estate on becoming aware of this situation on the afternoon of Friday 12th May 2017.  This step was taken for protection and validation of our systems.

Following this precautionary shut down, 4ways has diligently checked all systems to ensure the relevant Microsoft patch for this specific vulnerability has been applied and none of our servers and workstations were infected by this specific threat.

Once this validation was completed 4ways commenced a controlled start-up of internal IT systems.  With our precautionary shut down lasting only 24 hours,  all core 4ways systems are back online under close monitoring by our IT team.  We continue to work with, and assist all clients who are unaffected and online

Our email system is back online with connection and access being re-established in a controlled and limited way. We have re-established access to NHSmail, however, again, this remains in a controlled and limited way with validation of each individual mail received being undertaken prior to being reviewed or actioned.

As you will appreciate, in the current environment, potential risks remain in the NHS, nationally and globally and our position may therefore alter in response to any changes or further threats that become apparent.