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A day in the life of a teleradiologist

We’re often asked what it’s like to report for 4ways. We spoke with a range of our expert panel to get their views on life as a 4ways radiologist.

Dr. Mark Cowling is a Consultant Vascular Radiologist who has been partnering with 4ways since 2012. For him the decision to become a consultant teleradiologist was easy – it was about taking back control of his life and improving his lifestyle.

“It’s all very easy to fit around your lifestyle. What’s great is you’re working in your own home. I work in my study but I can have lunch with my wife or children, go and make myself a cup of tea, and at the end of the day I can close the door and switch off. The setup and flexibility has meant that I am able to spend more time with my family.”

Dr Mark Cowling, Consultant Vascular Radiologist

At the heart of the 4ways ethos is flexibility: we are helping radiologists utilise their skills in a way that allows them the freedom to decide when and how often they choose to consult, all within the comfort of their own home. What our partners choose to do with their free time is up to them.

A better work/life balance

Dr. Permjit Rangi, Consultant Neuroradiologist with 4ways since 2008, agrees.  “Instead of driving to an NHS hospital every day, I found that I was saving commuting time of around 2 to 3 hours daily, which I could spend instead relaxing.”

For Dr Jaswinder Singh, a Consultant Emergency/Chest Radiologist, partnering with 4ways for 10 years now, it’s all about the flexibility: “4ways are very friendly and accommodating, so if you have a busy week and don’t want to report then they don’t push you. Really all you want is a really comfortable working dynamic which you get.”

Dr. Sarah Burnett, Consultant Muscoskeletal Radiologist, has been working with us since 2005:

“It’s a great lifestyle choice, I didn’t want to be one of those people who was going to be running around 24/7 or having to make the tough decision between family or work commitments. It’s still work but it’s work that is a lot more flexible. For example, I don’t wake up particularly early which is nice, I like to get up and get a cup of coffee before I start working from home.”

Dr. Sarah Burnett, Consultant Muscoskeletal Radiologist

Easy-to-use technology

It is not just about the flexibility and better work/life balance, however. Teleradiologists who work with 4ways also highlight how easy it is to use the 4ways platform. 4ways invests a lot of time and effort in ensuring its IT systems and equipment are market leading and the firm recently announced it is partnering with IBM Watson to roll out its latest workflow platform to improve service provision for clients and teleradiologists. 4ways also provide regular training to ensure our partners feel comfortable using the equipment and IT platform.  

Dr. Maneesh Patel, Neuroradiology Clinical Lead, says: “I have to say that the reporting system is extremely easy to use and very reliable.”

Dr. Permjit Rangi agrees. “The team is good and they’re very approachable. They fix problems if you have them and they’ve got a good backup for their computers so IT issues are always dealt with immediately.”

Our consulting teleradiologists pick 4ways to fit around their busy lives and we want to ensure that working with us is easy from start to finish. That’s why we have ensured that our IT support services are available 24/7.

A market-leading audit process

4ways is a pioneer in the provision and development of teleradiology. The Company was the first to introduce an auditing process in order to provide reassurance to NHS and other clients over the quality and integrity of their reporting.

“The other thing that is extremely useful is the quality process that 4ways has – the clinical auditing services. This is incredibly valuable and is also a learning tool to improve. Additionally, if you’re still working in the NHS or you’re doing teleradiology fulltime, it’s one of the best pieces of evidence that you have at your annual appraisal and consequently your revalidation so that’s incredibly helpful.”

Dr Mark Cowling, Consultant Vascular Radiologist

4way’s auditing process allows for a high level of trust between our Company, our partners and our ultimate clients, the patients undergoing radiology scans. 4ways was the first teleradiology company to achieve Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme standard and has one of the largest clinical audit data sets in the UK, with over 300,000 studies audited to date[1].

Conclusion- why 4ways?

Dr. Mark Cowling tells us what sets 4ways apart from other teleradiology companies, and what originally drew him to working with us.

“When I started I was wanting to build a relationship with the company but I wasn’t necessarily wanting to do massive amounts of work. 4ways aren’t prescriptive about the amount of time you work for them. They are extremely flexible about when you can work, and how much work you take on.

There’s also always the option to take on more when you need, but I’ve never felt pressured to take on any extra work from them. I started to develop a relationship with the company with the idea that later on in my career this would be something I could do in combination with NHS work or even maybe when I take my pension.”

Dr William Mukonoweshuro, Consultant Neuroradiologist, explains why he has recommended 4ways to other radiologists:  

“Because there is no pressure to commit to the work it means that you can work safely. The most dangerous thing with teleradiology is because of the high volumes it’s very easy to become a slave to your workstation. With 4ways they make it very clear that if you can’t report it’s easy to get in touch and get it reassigned. You’re totally in control which I like.”

Dr William Mukonoweshuro, Consultant Neuroradiologist

At 4ways we’re proud to partner with radiologists all over the country, helping them to achieve a better work life balance and building working relationships that flex to meet their needs.


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