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4ways Maintains ISO 9001/27001 Certification

4ways has successfully completed this year’s surveillance audits for ISO 9001 and 27001 without receiving any non-conformances, maintaining its certification at the highest level for the 15 years.

4ways is pleased to note that high praise was given for its processes, improvements and ongoing upkeep and monitoring of standards. During the pandemic, the company was able to effectively meet its quality objectives as well as introduce additional improvements despite a challenging environment.

This achievement demonstrates the thorough processes that 4ways has in place and serves to recognise the efforts and contributions of our collective team.

Ajay Bh. Chadha, CEO, said: “4ways has been certified and fully compliant against ISO 9001 and 27001 since our inception in 2005. This serves to validate our absolute commitment to the highest level of information security and quality management and these are inbuilt into our company processes. These ISO standards complement our ethos of continual improvement. I am very proud of this achievement and that these certifications are continually maintained at the highest standards”.

You can read more about 4ways’ accreditations here.