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4ways launches BT Cloud Work telephony for Urgent services

4ways has invested in a new Interactive Voice Routing telephony system to deliver even greater efficiencies across our urgent services.

As part of our commitment to ensuring that both our partners and clients receive the best possible service, 4ways has invested in a new BT Cloud Work telephony system which was introduced for all 4ways clients on the 18th November 2020.

From now on, callers to our service number will experience the advanced Interactive Voice Routing (IVR) functionality that the new system offers, further improving the speed with which all  urgent calls are answered – ensuring peak efficiency and reducing any potential waiting time. 4ways has also supported this with additional administrative resource in both our Day Time Urgent and Night Time Urgent teams.

Whilst 4ways is very proud of the positive client feedback we receive we are constantly assessing and streamlining our internal systems to ensure that our partners have access to the best technological service we can provide.

Stephen Ferguson, COO, said: “We’re pleased to be able to offer our clients access to the IVR enabled BT telephony system, ensuring the most efficient handling of their patients. The investment is another way in which 4ways is demonstrating its continual commitment to improving our processes and increasing our clients service satisfaction.”