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4ways COVID-19 response update (April 2020)

We are writing to further update on how we continue to respond to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and now prepare for a resumption of elective care.

Last Updated 23/04/2020

4ways has continued to work hard to ensure that our critical services to the NHS are maintained during these challenging times.

With the first wave of COVID-19 hopefully showing signs of having peaked, we are now focused towards the near future and some return to non-COVID and elective activity.

We have acted throughout with a view of preparedness. Our measured and proportional response and actions have continued to strengthen the resilience and robustness of our core reporting infrastructure to ensure our teleradiologists, supported by our IT and technical & operational support teams, can continue to provide the first class service our clients are accustomed to receiving.

What have we done?

NHS Client SupportFree of charge use of 4ways’ platform for our NHS clients allowing their Radiologists to report COVID-19 Trust activity from home on 4ways’ systems.

4ways is also providing our expert in-house operational support in administering this activity through our systems and processes, also free of charge.

Radiologists SupportFree of charge use of 4ways diagnostic monitors on Trust equipment.

Essential Service Provider – 4ways was designated as an “Essential Service for the Provision of Critical Care” under NHS England. This has provided our staff with the permissions they have needed and may continue to need, to ensure those with school aged children are able to send their children to school, enabling them to keep working.

NHS England Collaboration – 4ways has worked closely with NHS England’s Independent Sector (IS) Coordination Team which has allowed us to stand ready in wider support of the COVID effort. Moving forward this is further ensuring that our forward planning and service provision is in line with regional and national planning.

Clinical Focus – 4ways has rolled out access to the industry-leading diagnostic and educational support tool STATdx which includes specific modules for the reporting of COVID-19 to help our teleradiologists to continue to deliver a high quality and accurate reporting service to NHS Trusts and private hospitals and aid in the improvement of patient outcomes.

This tool also provides our teleradiologists with the opportunity and platform to expand their knowledge, add to their continuing professional development and maintain their skillset where their normal NHS activity has been reduced.

Technical Infrastructure – 4ways has taken the opportunity where our routine activity has been more limited, to accelerate IT maintenance schedules and upgrade projects, making our systems even more robust and future proofed in preparing for a surge of activity once lockdown restrictions are eased and appointment deferrals are rebooked.

4ways staff working from home – We have enabled all staff to work from home. A small number of staff continue to manage the office and teams, adhering to social distancing and hygiene instructions. We have implemented these and other actions to ensure our robustness and sustainability during the peak of this crisis and in doing so, we stand ready for the expected quick resumption of elective care services and the inevitable increase in demand.

We are available to discuss taking on increased demand from existing and new clients across our full range of services; Day Time Urgent (DTU), Night Time Urgent (NTU), Routine and Specialist.

Given the building patient backlogs, the significance of Day Time Urgent (1 hour, 4 hour & within 24 hours) will most likely be even more significant and we remain well positioned to support our clients with this and all services as we prepare to move to a phase of recovery.

We believe our current model is robust and is already a core part of clients’ Radiology Business Continuity and future planning and is supporting the NHS where it needs it the most.

We continue to monitor the situation and will keep you up to date with any further developments. You can find our earlier responses to COVID-19 here and here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 01442 260 322 or email