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4ways CQC Update

4ways have been registered and regulated by the CQC since 2011 and have maintained compliance throughout at the highest level.  Our last on-site inspection was in August 2013, all outcome measured we’re fully met.  As a non-patient facing service, 4ways is currently considered low risk and does not require an onsite inspection.

The CQC currently operates a “Direct Monitoring Approach” under which 4ways is deemed to provide a safe and effective service with our risk level reduced to the lowest ‘Band 1’ level, following the most recent monitoring call in December 2021. The next review will be within 12 months.

Details of the CQC’s Direct Monitoring Approach and the areas assessed can found by this link – This approach, adopted by the CQC for the lowest risk healthcare organisations, is not recorded formally or updated on the CQC website against our registration.