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Annie Meharg Presents at the Workbooks Customer Conference

Yesterday, Annie Meharg, our CCO was a guest speaker at the Workbooks Customer Conference in Westminster. The event saw a number of customer stories being told, with Annie presenting how 4ways have implemented the CRM system over the course of this year.

Workbooks enables 4ways to have a detailed approach with our clients. Since implementing the CRM, it has facilitated a greater level of interaction between 4ways and the trusts we support. The business and marketing teams are now working even more efficiently with the support of the system, which subsequently has strengthened our relationships.

Using Workbooks allows us to gain a greater understanding of each trust and analyse how they utilise the support that 4ways provides them. Therefore, we are able to give accurate data back to our clients to make reflections about how trusts can get the most out of our services.

When choosing a CRM system, a key consideration was how it could be used to improve the experience our Consultant Radiologists have whilst working with 4ways. This is a non-standard feature of Workbooks that we have developed to better manage our Radiologists. 4ways is able to use the system to track Radiologist availability in order to plan the capacity we have in the future. This insures 4Ways can remain flexible in our approach to best suit the needs of our clients and radiologists on a changing basis.

Through Workbooks, 4ways maintains channels of communication through their inbuilt mail plug-in to our radiologists. This means we are able to send out key messages to the 4ways Radiology community, an example being our new radiology newsletter!

At the Workbooks Customer Conference, the 4ways team in attendance learnt much from the other customer story sessions. The team will be increasing the ways the CRM system can be used to better 4ways from the informative sessions run during the day. The team also greatly enjoyed the keynote address from Sir Ranulph Fiennes at the conclusion of the day.


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